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  • Treatment ratio: 1 liter

    of Xbee to 4,000 liters of fuel

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  • Xbee Fuel Additive reduces
    all greenhouse gas emissions:
    • CO2
    • CO
    • NOx
    • SOx
    • Particles

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Xbee Enzyme Fuel Treatment: the natural fuel additive

Xbee is an organic fuel additive compatible with all fuels, in all engines. This fuel treatment disperses water, sludge and bacterial growth in the fuel. Consequently, Xbee helps to cleanse up the whole fuel system and to eliminate carbon deposits in the engines, this resulting in a reduction of the maintenance costs. Last, but not least, the better performances of the engines help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, in particular carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide and particulates. Finally all Xbee fuel additive users can expect a reduction in fuel consumption.

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What Benefits to expect when using the Xbee fuel additive?

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Fuel tanks, reservoirs and pumps cleanliness is the number one issue to all the petroleum fuels users. Sludge, water, rust and other micro-organisms can quickly become a problem: clogged filters, dirty injectors, etc.
Xbee is a very efficient environment-friendly fuel cleaner!

Eliminates Bacteria

The most serious consequence of a dirty tank is the bacterial growth. Water in the fuel, combined with contaminants, helps bacteria, yeast and fungi to develop in the fuel and pollute the fuel system and engines.
Xbee disperses water and eliminates bacteria very quickly!

Engine Maintenance

Most engines tend to build up carbon and soot deposits after several hundreds hours of work. That is a natural consequence of burning fossil fuels.
Xbee enzymes eliminate carbon deposits and reduce consequently the quantities of soot and dust in the engines.

Fuel Consumption

A clean fuel burns better and quicker. When the fuel is stored in a clean tank and free of contamination, combined with a cleaned up engine, it will deliver more energy!
Xbee reduces the fuel consumption . . .

Gas Emissions

Naturally, all engines powered on petroleum- based fuels emit exhaust gas, including carbon monoxide and dioxide, nitrogen oxide and dioxide, particles, etc.
Xbee reduces dramatically all greenhouse gas emissions: CO2, CO, NOx, HC!

A secured and certified natural fuel additive

Fuel Guarantees

All Xbee fuels are in compliance with the main worldwide fuel norms.

Engine Guarantees

Xbee fuels are recognized by all engines manufacturers.

… and a lot more certifications!

Xbee Enzyme Fuel Treatment has been tested for gas emissions and fuel consumption reductions.

Xbee Enzyme Fuel Treatment: how does it work?


Technical Sheet

  • Xbee is a natural organic additive for fossil fuels. Professor Shinji Makino and his Japanese laboratory crew have developped it over many years of research by combining biotechnology and enzymes extracted from tree leaves. These enzymes are Nature’s most powerful catalysts.
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  • The Xbee fuel additive is made of organic compounds made soluble in an organic solvent. This enzyme Fuel treatment contains 99.5% aliphatic distillate of crude oil (kerosene) and 0.5% enzymes extracted from tree leaves.
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  • Enzymes are catalysts: compounds that initiate or accelerate chemical reactions faster than what would occur without the catalyst, yet they are not consumed in the reaction, and can act over and over. Xbee fuel additive alters electronic charges within the hydrocarbon molecule, improving atomization and facilitating a faster reaction with atmospheric oxygen, thus improving combustion.
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  • It is advisable to add Xbee to the fuels at four thousand liters of Diesel oil, Gasoline, Heating or Heavy fuel oils, Kerosene, Biodiesel and Bioethanol, to one liter of the fuel additive (4,000:1).
    It is preferable to add Xbee before filling up the vehicle reservoir, vessel or storage tank with fuel. This method makes the fuel poured after Xbee mixing perfectly to the whole volume of liquid.
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  • The Xbee engine cleaner additive is available in a wide range of packaging: from dosing bottles of 250 ml and 450 ml for cars, yachts, independent trucks, etc.; to 5- and 20-liter pails dedicated to truck fleet, bus and coaches companies, agricultural tractors and machines, etc.; to 208-liter drums for larger fuel consumptions (mostly ships and ferries, petroleum dealers, gas-stations . . .).
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  • “Can Xbee clean up my tank and engines?”, “Can Xbee eliminate microbial growth and bacteria contamination in the fuel?”, “Can this fuel additive clean my injectors?”, “Can this additive work with diesel, petrol, heavy fuel oils and others?”, “Can this fuel treatment reduce my fuel consumption?” . . . this FAQ will answer all your questions and much more!
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Hundreds of companies, thousands of vehicles, hundreds of thousand tons of fuels have been improved by the Xbee Enzyme Fuel Treatment. Please, feel free to take a look at all those references . . .www.xbee.com – The natural fuel additive