What Benefits to expect when using the Xbee fuel additive?

“One product… but a lot of benefits !”


Fuel Tank Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

FIRST benefit of Xbee Enzyme Fuel Treatment is the complete cleansing of the whole fuel system from the tanks to the engines to the exhaust!
  • disperse water and sludge in the tank;
  • eliminate bacteria and clean up fuel filters;
  • eliminate carbon build-up and disperse soot deposits.

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Maintenance Costs
Fuel Consumption

Savings & Consumption

SECOND benefit of using Xbee fuel additive is the reduction of the maintenance costs on one hand, and the elimination of the fuel over-consumption.
  • reduce consumption of fuel filters and lub oil;
  • increase intervals between maintenance programs;
  • reduce the fuel oil consumption.

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Gas Emissions

Gas Emissions & Pollution

THIRD benefit of treating fuel with Xbee biotechnology is to use an environment-friendly product to help preserving nature by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.
  • eliminate exhaust smokes;
  • reduce CO2 and NOx emissions;
  • reduce emissions of dusts and particles.

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