FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

“Frequently Asked Questions… and some more!”

Biotechnological operation

What are the benefits of the Xbee fuel additive?
First of all, it improves fuel quality. Then, it completely cleans your tank or reservoir, as well as the entire injection system and engine, including exhaust. As a direct consequence of this cleaning, water and therefore bacteria and other organic impurities are eliminated from the fuel system. Better fuel combustion means reduced emissions of fumes and greenhouse gas. Faster combustion means a lower temperature at the combustion exhaust point. Lastly, fuel overconsumption is eliminated.

How does the Xbee fuel additive work?
The enzymes contained in the Xbee fuel additive modify the structure of diesel, petrol, domestic heating oil, heavy fuel oil, and other hydrocarbon molecules improving oxygenation and optimizing combustion.

Can the Xbee fuel additive be used with fuels other than diesel?
Yes, one of the characteristics of the Xbee Fuel Cleaner and its 100% natural composition is that it is compatible with all fuel types: kerosene, unleaded 95 and 98 petrol, diesel, domestic heating oil, marine diesel, biofuels (including Bioethanol E85), recycled oils, vegetable oils, and of course IFO 30, IFO 40, IFO 180, IFO 380, and IFO 700 heavy fuel oils.

What is the recommended dose for fuels?
The dose is the same for all fuels. The optimal ratio is one litre of Xbee fuel additive for four thousand litres of fuel (1:4,000).

How long does it take for the Xbee fuel additive to work?
After just thirty minutes the enzymes begin their fuel quality improvement action. One of the characteristics of enzymatic operation is the speed of action. Under ideal conditions, each enzyme may react with about a million molecules per second.

Enzymes and People

Who is behind the Xbee brand?
Xbee is a registered trademark held by AKX Group. This is a family-owned business involved in international trade to and from France since 1995. One of its activities is the exclusive distribution of Xbee Fuel Additive in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA).
AKX Group is partnered with GTR Incorporated to develop the Xbee®/Soltron® fuel additive internationally.

Who does produce the Xbee fuel additive?
The enzyme concentrate was designed in a Japanese laboratory by Dr. Shinji Makino’s team. The Xbee fuel additive end product is produced by GTR Incorporated which holds the international production rights. This company is based in California in the United States.

Who did discover the Xbee formula?
A team of Japanese researchers directed by Dr. Shinji Makino, PhD. When working on the capacities of ∏ water these researchers discovered the benefits of the enzymes composing the Xbee fuel additive.

What is the difference between Xbee and Soltron?
The distinction must be made between brands and products. There are currently two products known under the Soltron brand. The first is the original formula produced by Dr. Shinji Makino, PhD whose distribution and production rights are held by GTR Incorporated in the United States, Xbee’s direct partner. The second is an additive used in the pleasure boating industry, distributed by a company in Ireland from a much earlier generation.
Xbee is a registered trademark in Europe, as well as in a certain number of other countries (United States, China, India, South Africa, Canada, etc.). Xbee fuel cleaner is, however, marketed under the Soltron brand in North and South America.

Where can I find the Xbee additive?
You will find the addresses for our offices on the contact page. You can call us at +33 298 97 89 20 or write to us via the contact page.
We are developing an Xbee fuel distribution network, both for domestic heating oil and service stations.

Guarantees and Safety

Can I use the Xbee fuel additive in an engine under warranty?
The Xbee fuel additive has been recognized as “substantially similar to fuels” by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Moreover, the Intertek Caleb Brett Laboratory has verified Xbee compliance with all major European fuel norms:

How long can I store the Xbee fuel additive?
In so far as the packaging is correctly sealed and it is stored in an enclosed, dry area, the product may be kept for two years without risk of deterioration.

Does Xbee contain biocides or pesticides?
No, although this enzyme-based biotechnology is very efficient when eliminating the presence of bacteria in tanks and reservoirs, it contains no dangerous products, no chemical or heavy metals.

What does happen if I use too much or not enough Xbee fuel additive?
Overdosing Xbee fuel additive is not harmful to engines. The Xbee fuel additive complies with all fuel standards as well as the CEC F-23-A-01 diesel engine standard and CEC-F-05-A-93 petrol engine standard. The only possible matter with overdosing Xbee is “wasting” the product, it will not accelerate the result since the ratio of 1 to 4,000 is the calculated optimum.
Under-dosing Xbee just slows down the engine and fuel system cleaning process. In cases of significant bacteria and biomass contamination, the normal dose may not suffice. So it must be modified to approximate a 1 to 4,000 ratio.

Is the Xbee fuel additive dangerous or flammable?
No, the Xbee fuel additive is not dangerous. Its technical specifications (described in the safety data sheet) show that the Xbee additive’s flashpoint is 81°C, i.e. well above the limit for Class II and III flammable products. The Xbee fuel cleaner may be packaged in plastic and shipped throughout the world by plane without any constraints.